Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sex, not THAT sex!

After all, this is a G-rated blog LOL!

My last post (here) showed how my husband, daughter and myself found out the sex of our newest addition.

Once we knew, it was hard to keep it a secret. I am the worst secret keeper EVER, when it's about me anyway. So how would we tell the grandparents that we had a baby boy coming??? My wheels started turning and I quickly got out my computer, opened up SCAL and Design Studio (DS) and got to work!

I decided to make a gate card. I knew they were easy, yet I had never made one before. I thought it was the perfect format for our mom's to open up to the big news Here's what I came up with for the outside.
The left panel reads, "Frogs, snails and puppy dog tails?" and the right "Sugar, spice and everything nice" with the center scallop asking the big question. I chalked the edges of the panel to add some dimension. I used SCAL for the scallop and used PDDU for the frog and sugar bag. There's also a stream of glue coated in sugary glitter flowing from the sugar bag. I can't resist an opportunity to use glitter or other bling :)

The inside announces the big news without saying a word:
The crib, window and stars were made using SCAL. The baby, babies shirt and hanging frog uses PDDU - such a versatile cartridge! The little dog is modeled after my mom's westie and is cut using Paper Pups. I had made a snail, but I just couldn't get it to fit into the "nursery" so I left it off and told myself that "simpler is better."

We let Lucy give both grandma's the cards. My mom figured it out right away when she opened it and started giggling with excitement. Both grandma's are excited for the little one - girl OR boy, they didn't really mind.


Regina said...

How adorable!!! I don't remember how we told people the gender for the Munchkin - but I do remember the initial "announcement" card - that was fun!

Jean said...

Super cute idea